1 Oct 2013

How to keep your frying pan clean and healthy!

Hey guys! 

Frying pan often gets damaged earlier than other utensils. As a house wife, it is very sad thing to see your frying pan with scratches. And you also wonder whether your pan is safe for your family once the coating is came off. Now we will give you some tips on how to keep your frying pan safe from damage longer. 

Use different frying pans depending on the usage
Separate usage for fried dishes / hard boiled dishes / fish dishes
Cooking all types of food with one pan will shorten the life span

Do not wash too often!
You do not need to wash your frying pan every time you cook. The best way is to wipe thoroughly with kitchen towels after use (except for sauté, hard boiled). However if you do not wash them for too long, oil stain will make your pan sticky.

Flour mixed water / rice washed water
Then you can wash them with rice washed water or flour mixed water. It can replace your dish wash detergent. Frying pans have small invisible hole something like human skin pores. If you wash your frying pan with normal detergent, it will remain inside the small pan pores then it is not easy to wash off using water. If you do not feel that your pan is clean, you can also try using baking powder or fruit cleanser.

Boil vinegar added water once in a while
Boil water and 1 spoon of vinegar to remove bad odors from your frying pan. You can also use one slice of lemon, lemon extract, or used green tea tea bag

Do not dump your hot pan into water / No iron scouring pad
You should remember not to dump your hot pan into water direct. It will affect the coating of your pan. Moreover, you often use iron scouring pad to wash your pan cleaner right? Well you shouldn't. Iron scouring pad is the worst enemy for your coating pan.

Do not use iron utility turner/ spoon while cooking

This will make scratches on your pan coating. It is better to use wooden or silicon turner for your coating pan. 

How to prevent food sticking on the pan
First, preheat your pan for a while. Then wipe your pan thoroughly using wet paper kitchen towel before pouring oil. Now you can see your food less sticking on the bottom of your pan. ^^

Have you guys found the info useful? 
Just try them at home. It will certainly help your pans to live longer ^^

Thank you! 

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