28 Sep 2013

How to make a Multi-plug cover

Hi guys! Long time no see ^^

I have recently got a phone call from my mom
“Multi-plug in kitchen doesn’t work son!”
So I went there to check why.

She’s saying that the on/off light goes off sometimes.
I had a look at the plug and it was very dusty and wet, 
so I had to run down to get a new one for her.

You know, it could be dangerous. 

Have a look at the new multi-plug.
It doesn’t look new at all! Plugs are all dusty.
And I also thought it could be very dangerous if new tap keeps on getting water splash.

Tada! Look how I could prevent multi-plug from dust & water splash
Prepare 1 empty water bottle (better if the bottle is square shaped^^

Cut the bottle mouth like the picture

Then cut the side of the bottle loooonng like the pic so that multi-plug of yours can go in!

Slip in your multi-plug! Then you are done!

0 SGD tap cover ^^

You can now prevent dust being piled up on the plug & multi-plug
Cleaning is easier ^^ and you can also prevent them from water splashes

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