3 May 2013

Make a Korean style pancake at home!

Hi guys! We would like to share a very easy way to make a 
Korean style pancake at home!

All you need is 10 pieces of frozen dumplings and 2 eggs! 

Mince fried dumplings just like the picture using knife or scissors! 

And then break 2 eggs into the minced dumplings!

Mix them using chopsticks! 


Tadah! easy! right?

Here's one more tip for you guys. 
How to make a soy sauce for dipping the pancake!

Soy sauce 50 g, Vinegar 25 g, Spring Onion 1 sp, 
Minced garlic 1 sp, pepper 5 g, powdered red pepper 5 g

Just try this pancake with your family tonight! 

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