28 Apr 2013

How to make your tap shiny!

Hi everyone!
Today we would like to give you some information on how to make a tap cleaner yourself! 
It is very easy~ just prepare a small spoon of peanut butter & baking soda!
Have look at this tap. It is all covered with water dirt. 

This one looks better but still. It is also not as clean as before right?

Just mix peanut butter and baking soda with an old tooth brush you don't use. Then brush them over on your tap/faucet/or any steel product you wish to clean.  

Then you wipe them out with a towel or a sponge 

See how clean they are!

After cleaning, you will feel that the water slips away from your tap for quiet while. 

Wow they are clean and new ^^

Hope everyone gets through miserable monday! after cleaning your taps!

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