13 Apr 2013

How to clean your microwave!

You all have microwave at home right?

But you never really try to clean them or just mop them quickly once in a while only. 

All of your family members use microwave very often. It may not be very hygiene if you never clean them ^^;;; 
Today! Lejel will give you some tips on how to clean your microwave! 

First, add 2 big spoons of baking soda in a big bowl with water

Cook for 10 minutes, so the dirt in the microwave is fully sogged with water 

This is before microwaved~

and after microwaved! wow you see the water dripping inside?

Then you soak your rag with cooked baking soda water

Wipe inside microwave throughly!

Now your microwave is clean!
Have a great day!

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