14 Apr 2013

How to make thirsty hippo (dehumidifier) yourself!

Prepare yogurt plastic container (As many as you want)

& 500 ml water bottle cut into half (As many as you want)

First, make a steel chopstick hot to make holes on yogurt plastic container

Like this !! ^^

Like these~!!

Pour calcium chloride onto the yogurt plastic with holes
(Be careful !! direct contact with calcium chloride is not good for your skin!)

glue the sides of yogurt plastic

Its better if you can get Korean paper. But if you cannot, use napkins at home.
Stick the paper onto the glue part.

Cut off the edge nicely then just put the yogurt plastic on the 1/2 water bottle!

We have put some ribbons just to look nicer ^^
you don't have to 

Tada~! Handmade thirsty hippo (dehumidifier)!
Easy right?

Place them wherever you want to dehumidify.
You can protect your things from fungus and sm~~ell

Have a great day!!!! 


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