17 Apr 2013

How to make a dust rag yourself! ^^

Hi everyone! Today we would like to share information on how to make a dust swipe.
Things to prepare: 
1. One normal wire hanger
2. One used stocking

First, pull the wire hanger side to side to make a shape like above.

Opps. stocking is too big.

Try making the shape more wider!

Now its good! 
It would be better if you use a black stocking.
You can see how much dust you collected! 

Tada! It even goes through very narrow gap under your bookshelf.

See its even narrower than 1 cm!

It will be better to hold if you tie the end like this.

Wow! Look at the dust!



After all, washing is also very easy if you use your shower.

Then use "S" loop to hang on the wall.

Within 2~3 hours it will be dried for another use.

Good day!

How about a movie on your ceiling after cleaning your house?
Your kids will also love this beam projector full of fairy tale stories!

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